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How To Streamline Product Ordering with Easy-To-Use Technology

Have you ever experienced frustrations with streamlining the product ordering process or investing in new solutions at your company? Across the United States, many modern manufacturing facilities rely on new technologies to significantly produce higher quality products with lower costs. While the concepts around digital transformation are not new to the industry—the effects of the last year and a half are driving the rapid implementation of digital manufacturing solutions.

It’s time to accelerate digital transformation in manufacturing.

According to Forbes, a recent study conducted by Fictiv stated that 91% of surveyed manufacturing respondents reported an increased digital transformation investment. And going forward, 95% agree that digital transformation of manufacturing is essential to their company’s future success.

Over the last decade or so, digital transformation has been rampant — even more with the advent of Industry 4.0. To stay competitive, modern manufacturing companies are choosing to adopt new solutions that will save time and money. Yet, in doing so, many manufacturers have found that it is not nearly as complicated (as they might think at first) to develop a streamlined workflow and automation.

How to simplify order entry by eliminating costly mistakes and inefficiencies.

Today, so much of the manufacturing industry has benefited from emerging solutions that change day-to-day operations — by fostering digital solutions and implementing automation. For example, the robust Masterplan ERP Product Configurator can easily configure even the most complex products into a streamlined end-to-end solution. The rules and logic defined guides order entry intelligently through the product configuration process. Simultaneously, the software builds out the bill of materials (BOMs) and production routings based on your selected options.

This is in large part how the Masterplan ERP Product Configurator has helped many organizations save time— by streamlining product ordering and streamlining the ordering process. Some of what makes this proven solution so easy to implement is the following:

  • Access Anywhere

  • Low-Cost Subscriptions

  • Intuitive Design

By utilizing Masterplan ERP software, your company will leave manual, error-prone datasets in the past and instead connect and automate your operations to achieve your desired business goals. With real-time data collection throughout your processes, you will be able to digitally monitor critical areas of your operations against targets you set. When these areas fall short, cross-functional teams can make strategic decisions that increase margins and profits for your company.

The Key business benefits of the Product Configurator include:

  • Accurate & consistent results every time.

  • Intelligent rules and business logic.

  • Workflow and approval automation.

  • Reduce complexity during order entry.

  • Dynamic bill of materials (BOM) and routings.

  • Increase order entry efficiently.

  • Eliminate costly errors.

Want to see first-hand how Masterplan ERP can work for your organization? Schedule a free demo with us here.

About the company

Masterplan ERP is a leading provider of cloud business and process integration software, including Enterprise Resource Planning, Material Requirements Planning, Supply Chain Management, Sales and Manufacturing software solutions. We provide software and professional services that increase the productivity of our customers—combining our talented development team with industry-leading tools and technology.

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