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Our knowledge and experience can make data work for you whether you're growing a business, wanting to improve or analyzing your existing data source.

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Project Title

This is your Project description. Use this space to describe what the project entails, benefits for users and any other important information.

Project Title

This is your Project description. Use this space to describe what the project entails, benefits for users and any other important information.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Run efficiently by integrating every facet of the business.  Dig deep into your data and find the secrets to your company’s successes and discover ways to drive growth.  All integrated into one seamless enterprise platform.


Gain financial insight while easily managing your transactions. Send invoices, track payments and set budgets among other financial transactions.

Order Management

Understand the entire customer lifecycle from lead generation all the way through product support upon delivery with the help of the automation engine.


No longer rely on spreadsheets to control your inventory.  Track real-time inventory across multiple plants and warehouses by automating with Masterplan ERP.


Forecast your future cash on hand based on financial transactions. Custom reports and dashboards can be setup to display the data that you need when you need it. Import your credit card statements for an easier reconcile.


Banking module allows you to reconcile your financial transactions. Easily create deposits from accounts receivable transactions. Identify potential shortfalls in cash flow by generating a cash flow forecast.


Create invoices, credit memos and apply your customers payments with ease. View aging reports right from your dashboard to see which customers owe you money.


Once product is in stock, pick lists are generated to be fulfilled. Grouping orders and drop-shipping are additional options that can be completed through the software at the time of shipping.


Quotes can be created from manufacturing time and materials estimates or from master records based on past orders. Detailed information can be tracked such as lead source, stage of the customer lifecycle, loss reason and more.

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Replenish Methods

Setup planned purchased intervals and minimum stock levels according to your overage and underage costs to ensure you have enough inventory on-hand to deliver upon customer demand on-time.

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Establish material traceability based on the lot, serial number and heat number to meet stringent industry standards and mitigate liability in case of defects.

Masterplan Cloud ERP Sales Order Management


ACH payments can be sent to your suppliers. Invoices can be created against purchase order lines (2-way match) or goods receipts (3-way match). Advanced 4-way matching against the quantity inspected and tolerances can be configured as well.

General Ledger

Create and maintain your chart of accounts in the general ledger module. Manual journal entries and budgets can also be created.


Approval logic can also be setup based on supplier, invoice amount and payment blocks.

Sales Orders

Easily convert quotes in the pipeline to sales orders whether they are pick from stock or make-to-order products. Delivery blocks and workflows can be automatically applied based on customer payment history, credit limit and more to give preference to key customers and order importance.

Blanket Contracts

Provide a blanket contract to your customers based on quantities or a set period of time.

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Bill of Materials

Generate multi-level and phantom bills of materials to establish material traceability and document all processes and costs involved to create the finished goods.

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Cycle Counts

Cycle counts can be setup based on time or usage intervals with added alerts to notify you when a cycle count should occur. This feature will help ensure the accuracy of your on-hand inventory levels without disrupting your daily operations.

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Pick, Pack and Ship

Simplify how your products leave your doors with generated barcode labels that help ensure customer satisfaction through proper tracking and accurate order picking.

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Recipe Setup

For batch process manufacturing, establish master recipes that document the components to a product and store the supporting documents with the item.


Take control of your unique requirements for inventory, materials and subcontracting services to effectively manage your supply chain from the initial requisition through the inspection of the finished goods.


With real-time data collection throughout your processes, you will be able to digitally monitor critical areas of your operations against targets you set. When these areas fall short, cross-functional teams can make strategic decisions that increase margins and profits for your company.

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Blanket Contracts

Setup planned purchased intervals and minimum stock levels according to your overage and underage costs to ensure you have enough inventory on-hand to deliver upon customer demand on-time.

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Goods Receipt

Track material heat numbers, lot numbers, serial numbers, and expiration dates for each item received with an added inspection step upon receipt of material or sub-contracted items to ensure they are conforming goods for your application.

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Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders and requests for quote (RFQ) automatically from material recommendations or manually, and later, easily convert your RFQs into POs within the system.

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Create purchase requisitions and setup a workflow to confirm the proper approval process has been completed before converting the purchase requisition into a purchase order with a supplier.

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Data Collection

Using shared data, teams can make well-informed decisions through both better communication within their department and the help of other departments that have their own insights about the same shared dataset.

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Engineering and PLM

Track engineering changes, revisions and defects throughout the product lifecycle to ensure traceability in case of product liability claims. Approval workflows can be configured to ensure the proper controls are in place to document engineering changes.

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Accurate estimates will no longer be a struggle—historical time and material cost data from other products can be used to help estimate the cost of new products.

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Production orders are scheduled based on the workstation’s utilization at the time, company schedule and the availability of human and physical capital.

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Capacity Planning

Learn about the reality of your operations—what is the utilization of your human capital and what are the utilizations of each of your processes? Understanding these utilizations will allow you to find bottlenecks in your operations, and then allow you to run what-if scenarios within the software to determine the necessary adjustments you must make to your operations.

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Estimate Analysis

Gain a better understanding of the how the labor, material and subcontracting product costs scale at different quantities if bulk pricing applies. Estimating is integrated into the master production schedule to accurately provide a completion date.

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